A documentary about four creatives going west in search of inspiration — risking life, limb and Dysentery in the name of creative enlightenment.

The American West. A nation’s first frontier. A history of innovation minted in gold, carried by rail, and stamped into certainty on a 3cm² microchip that now steers the sails of American creative media.

Like many before us, we go west on the open trail in search of adventure, excitement, and inspiration. And too, like many before us, the road to the coast will not be an easy one. Flat tires will be our injured oxen. Doritos will be our salt pork. Feeling-kinda-tired will be our Cholera.

The “we” is four creatives from the midwest. Industry twenty-somethings in search of some perspective. With so many of our role models holed up on the same strip of sunny coast, there has to be something special going on. Does the where make the who, or does the who make the where? We’re crossing 13 states and 5,000 miles to find out.

We call it Creatives Go West, and we’re filming the whole thing. The documentary will aim to show you whatever it is the West shows us, and give the Midwest a taste of just how creative their coastal cousins can be.

Our mission: to see the places and meet the people on the forefront of media creativity.

To ask what inspires them.

To find what inspires us.


News from the Road. 

#7 KickStarted

We launched our KickStarter today. Please watch the video and consider joining us on our journey! To view the full campaign, click here.

#6 Post-Production

We're hard at work making Creatives Go West come to life. We have nearly 100% of the footage needed, however there is significant effort going into editing, music, graphics, color correction, etc.

Our goal is to finish by the end of the year. We'll be launching a KickStarter soon to help us see this thing through—and hopefully it will allow us to travel with the film and screen it in the cities that were so important to the journey.

#5 We're Alive!

We made it back—alive, well, and in one piece. We're hard at work, editing this beast, so stay patient, tuned and golden, pony boy. If you can't get enough CGW head over to to Fast Horse's blog and read/view our Road Wisdom. (i.e. #8 below)


#4 Portland Pilgrimage

Action. Roll tape.

The Goers kicked off their go West on Monday, and the City of Roses kicked right back. First stop: Portland.

In an opening act that included stops at the offices of Instrument and North, the Goers braved haunted mansions and boarder proving grounds in the name of inspiration. Like any pilgrims worth their weight in salt, the foursome met a man on a mountain. Aaron Draplin bestowed wisdom design and otherwise from the base of Mt. Hood before telling the folks at Instrument to cut off their own heads.

The tone is set. The cat's left the bag long back. Portland was a perfect host. Next stop, San Francisco.

California, here we come.

Music credit: Daft Punk — Harder, Better, Stronger

#3 Country Cross

08/20/12 | PDX

It has begun. The open road called, and the goers west answered. The prodigal quartet left Minneapolis 4am Saturday, and rolled in to Portland, Oregon a short 1,730 miles and 44 hours later.

Along the way they met some people, hopped a couple fences, lost their car in Idaho, and did a little dancing. Against the odds, they made it. To the coast (of the Columbia river, technically). Now the real games begin. Stay tuned. On with the show.


Music Credit: Spoon - I Turn My Camera On

#2 Fast Horse Joins the Journey

08/18/12 | MPLS
News to report as we Goers West prepare to disembark: a Minneapolis agency has thrown its support behind our humble pilgrimage. Fast Horse, an integrated marketing agency, are no strangers to supporting and fostering Minneapolis’ young talent. If not for Fast Horse, in fact, the Goers West would likely never have banded together. It was during the agency’s internship-for-a-day event in 2011 that Grant and Vince first met.

On that note, Creatives Go West is thrilled to announce that our journey is officially Fueled by Fast Horse. We no longer need fear the petrol pumps and their terrifying tickers. Thanks guys, and we’ll see you on the road.

- The Goers West




#1 Creatives Picks Up Steam Online

08/16/12  |  MPLS

After being featured in a variety of spots on the interwebz, we've been floored by all the support. Keep it coming folks.

- The Goers West

Agency Spy

San Francisco
Las Vegas
Los Angeles



grantspaniergrantspanier: "It's Not About the Nail" — hilarious video from Jason Headley (we met up on #CreativesGoWest). Love this dude. https://t.co/Kxhlb4krnF
38 months ago
grantspaniergrantspanier: @LeslieBradshaw I'd love to chat with you about women in the creative fields for my documentary! #CreativesGoWest http://t.co/KHCzVmL6
43 months ago
briannardonaghybriannardonaghy: RT @KellanDahlquist: @PHtheindicator @briannardonaghy word on the street is things are getting pretty strange back at home #CreativesGoWest
44 months ago
KellanDahlquistKellanDahlquist: @PHtheindicator @briannardonaghy word on the street is things are getting pretty strange back at home #CreativesGoWest
44 months ago
Ad_BuzzAd_Buzz: RT @grantspanier: Nice interview and bit of writing from @jimmymoen for @Ad_Buzz, discussing my #CreativesGoWest adventure out west. htt ...
46 months ago



6 cities. 13 states. 14 days. One question; what inspires you?

Saturday Aug. 18  [depart]

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The Goers West

4 creatives. Entrepreneurs, writers, designers, filmmakers.

Grant Spanier


“Yes,” he said, eyes fixed on the setting sun, “we will go.” And West they went. It’s Grant’s way — he wanders, adventures, seeks, never satisfied, ever hungry. By trade a writer, designer, and strategist all, his concern is not for medium, but material. He leads this band of creatives, the Goers West, cross the rockies to the sea, in search of the only thing that can satisfy him: inspiration.

Reason for going West: To unlock the creative secrets of a strange land, and drink inspiration from its fertile soil.

Other reason for going West: Excuse to wear sunglasses constantly (as if you need one).

Follow @grantspanier

Vince Koci


“The hand that holds a pen is never idle.” That isn’t a real adage, and it may not make any real sense, but it has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say? Every journey can tell a story, so long as you bring someone to translate. Enter Vince “Gin Fingers” Koci, career writer, story teller, and scrivener of things with a pleasant ring. His charge: to make sure the Goers West end up on the right side of history.

Reason for going West: To tell the public of the feats and trials of the expeditioners, and to write a saga that will stand the test of time.

Other reason for going West: In-and-Out Burger.

Follow @vincekoci

Jake Woodbridge


His aim: unfaltering. His shot: deadly. His weapon: A Canon 7D Digital SLR. A master of all pictures still and moving, Jake Woodbridge fears no man or beast alike with camera in hand. Whatever pitfalls or auspices await the Goers West, it will be Jake’s trusty eye that records the lot. And when, if, the Goers return, it will be his handiwork that sends the public along for the ride.

Reason for going West: To see what there is to see.

Other reason for going West: Misguided and inexplicably persistent belief in mermaids.

Follow @JakeWoodbridge1

Laura Fitzpatrick


What good is gold to a woman like Laura? Miss Fitzpatrick — or Ol’ Fitzy, as she’s known — is a prospector all right, but it isn’t precious metal she’s after. Ol’ Fitzy mines insights, and pans for perspective. A planner by employ and anthropologist by practice, she’ll tell you that a little bit of the right information is more valuable than all the silver in St. Louis. And she’d be right.

Reason for going West: To peer into the minds of a nation’s coastal people, and see what what waves crash upon those inner shores.

Other reason for going West: Louis and Clark fetishist.

Follow @BitzOfFitz

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We are proudly Fueled by Fast Horse (an integrated marketing agency in Minneapolis). FH is no stranger to supporting and fostering Minneapolis’ young talent. If not for Fast Horse, in fact, the Goers West would likely never have banded together. It was during the agency’s internship-for-a-day event in 2011 that Grant and Vince first met.

Thanks to them we need not fear the petrol pumps and their terrifying tickers. Youdabest FH.